Numerous amenities at Situ Village.


Borehole sourced water will complement water from the county ensuring residents have water at all times.


Quality health services for ensuring emergencies at Situ are well taken care of.


A playground and daycare center will be provided for at Situ Village ensuring the children have a safe environment to play in.


Located near the cottages is a helipad for a stylish arrival or quick escape to the country side to visit your folks.

Retail Center

Past the centrally manned gates of Situ Village is a sprawling retail centre that houses coffee shops, restaurants, a clinic and convenience shops that cater for your every need.

Club House

The Clubhouse offers home-owners stylish entertainment giving you an option to have a relaxed weekend without having to stray far from the comfort of your home.


Overlooking the clubhouse boulevard is a bevy of 10 3-bedroom cottages. They offer an ideal option for families looking to relocate.

Jogging Track

All round the development sprawls a fully serviced 1.8 Km uninterrupted jogging track. This will enable you live a truly healthy lifestyle.

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